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Cupid outfit for cats or dogs

Cupid outfit for cats or dogs

Digital fashion - Silver Outfit

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Transform your four-legged best friend into a cupid 3.0 with this sublime silver coat trimmed in white faux fur. Adorned with majestic metallic silver padded wings, this piece will transform your furry friend into an angel of love!
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At Printemps we do not believe that anyone should be discriminated against because of their body shape, regardless of whether you would normally be classed as petite, plus sized, tall or short. It’s because of this that we do not use a size guide and all of our virtual clothing comes in a uniformed one-size-fits-all. Simply send us a photo of yourself at point of purchase and we will tailor any one of our virtual garments and looks to fit your exact body shape and size.


As all our clothing is 100% digital there are no costly postage charges or pollution from global shipments! Simply submit a photo of yourself at point of purchase and we will send you an email, along with your new digitally enhanced image, dressed and ready to impress with your sustainable, ethically produced digital garment in no longer than 72 hours !

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