Our new Digital Fashion collection, in the name of love.


Printemps is going into meta mode and offering 100% digital collections of clothing and accessories. Dive into a new era and fall for these exclusive creations that adapt virtually to your photos. 


Buy one item from the METALOVE collection and get an exclusive NFT full of surprises…

How it Works?

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How do I get my NFT ?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Fashion?

Fashion that is made out of pixels, not textiles. Digital clothes are not made out of traditional fabric, nor are they physical, in real life garments. They are virtual, built using computer technologies and 3D software. If you love to play around with face filters on Instagram and Snapchat then you will love this natural extension for clothes.

What can I do with my Digital Fashion item?

Digital fashion items bring a new level of style and individuality to you as a person. Your digital style has no limits - You can show off your new look on social, dating apps or even Job Interviews – Find your perfect look for every occasion!

How does the photo upload work and what are the requirements?

For every digital fashion item you purchase, you will be able to upload a picture at point of purchase. Our digital tailoring team will digitally fit your digital fashion item onto your picture – And you’ll be ready to take your style to the next level!

Note: 'Actual fittings may vary slightly in colour due to differing lighting conditions'.

How long does the digital fitting take / when will my photo be ready?

We’re as excited as you are to see your new digital fashion item on you! This is why we try to fit it as quickly as possible - you’ll have your new look in maximum 72 hours

*!* Working days (Monday to Friday).

What's an NFT?

Attention: A Digital Fashion Item purchased on the site is not an NFT. NFT stands for
nonfungible token. As opposed to digital currency with a specific market value, an NFT designates a unique virtual object (an image, a gif, a video), that cannot be faked or destroyed. An NFT can only have one owner at a time.
Our Digital Fashion clothing and accessories are not considered NFTs because we produce them
virtually and in multiples. They are therefore not unique and cannot be considered NFTs.

However, for every purchase of an item from the Digital Fashion Metalove collection, we give you an NFT!

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