What is Digital Fashion?

Digital Fashion is a new way of consuming style: You buy items that are 100% digital. That’s what we call non-tangible fashion. So, contrary to the clothes or accessories in leather, fabric or denim that you’re familiar with – that you can touch and wear in real life – Digital Fashion is 3D, and worn only in the virtual world, like on social networks or in the metaverse.

Where can I wear the Digital Fashion pieces I buy?

Digital Fashion is vast! It includes the outfits worn by characters in video games like Fortnite (what we call skins) and also the outfits worn by avatars in the metaverse (and there are different metaverses like Decentraland, Roblox, Spatial) and it can be even more accessible.

So, at Printemps we’ve chosen to process Digital Fashion through digital photos. We sell digital clothing that can virtually adapt to your photos. You don’t receive any clothing or accessories delivered to your house because they don’t exist in real life. But you receive a photo of you wearing the item(s). For example, if you opt for a Digital Fashion Mrs. Clause dress, you send us a photo of you, we “copy-paste” the dress on your photo and we send you the (digital) photo of you in the dress, ready to post on social networks or to be shared with friends via email. It’s an original and fun gift!

Why should I let myself be tempted by a Digital Fashion piece?

Digital Fashion allows you to freely express your personality! Thanks to our Digital Fashion by Printemps collections, you will definitely find the piece that corresponds to your aspirations. A metallic pink puffy coat, a snowflake dress, cupid wings… Let your creativity speak!

What is the link between NFTs and Digital Fashion?

Attention: A Digital Fashion Item purchased on the site is not an NFT. NFT stands for nonfungible token. As opposed to digital currency with a specific market value, an NFT designates a unique virtual object (an image, a gif, a video), that cannot be faked or destroyed. An NFT can only have one owner at a time.

Our Digital Fashion clothing and accessories are not considered NFTs because we produce them virtually and in multiples. They are therefore not unique and cannot be considered NFTs.

However, for every purchase of an item from the Digital Fashion Metalove collection, we give you an NFT!

The NFT offers two possibilities:

  • A Digital Fashion version of our iconic heart dress. That way you get two photos of two outfits for the price of one! (A photo with the piece you bought and a photo of you in the heart dress)
  • Dressing your avatar in the Decentraland metaverse (if you have it) with the heart dress. 3.0 Style guaranteed!

I’ve fallen for a Digital Fashion piece, how do I ensure super results?

You love the Digital Fashion look but not sure what photo to send for the best results? Check out our tutorial with the Do’s and Don’ts for a 100% successful virtual look.